Langdon Academy

Langdon Academy: An all through education for ages 3-16

Executive Principal
Dr Dayo Olukoshi OBE
Mr Jamie Brooks


Examination Board: Edexcel

 What is the aim of the course?

You will develop your musical skills and interests, including the ability to make music individually and in groups which will enable you to understand and appreciate a range of different kinds of music.

You will also develop broader life skills and attributes, including critical and creative thinking, aesthetic sensitivity, emotional awareness, cultural understanding, self-discipline, self-confidence and self-motivation.

What will you study in this subject?

You will study music performance, composition and listening and appraising as part of your work for this course. You will also received one on one tuition on your principle instrument paid for by the school.

How is your work assessed?

Your work is assessed via recordings for your solo (15%) and ensemble (group) (15%) performances. You compose two pieces of music in different styles (15% each composition). The Edexcel exam board will decide one of those compositions. You will also complete a listening exam at the end of the course (40%) which covers 8 set works in a range of genres from popular music, music for film, classical music and musical fusions.

 What qualification will I get?

GCSE in Music.